Board Officers

Laura Giffel – President
John Winter – Vice President
Krissie Aguilar – Secretary
Kate Kilgore – Treasurer

Board Directors

Neighborhood Groups

These groups help volunteers focus on specific areas of interest to improve the neighborhood.
Abandoned Housing
Chair: John Winter
Community-Building Team
Contact: Krissie Aguilar
East Street Quality of Life
Chair: Laura Giffel
Chair: Liz Piercy
Feral Cats
Contact: Sylvia Smith
Chair: Krissie Aguilar
Reconnecting to Our Waterways
Contact: Kelly Brown
Soccer Team
Captain: Tyler Giffel

Block Clubs

Block captains organize neighbors at a more local level for socialization and projects.
Lincoln Street (west of East St.)
Krissie Aguilar
Orange Street (east of East St.)
Lydia Spotts
Orange Street (west of East St.)
Laura Giffel
Sanders Street (east of East St.)
Emily Vanest
Singleton Street
Rob Uppencamp
Wright Street (1200-1300)
John Winter

Mailing Address

PO Box 342
Indianapolis, IN 46206


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